Fifth Avenue


9point9 Architects


Hurst Constructions


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GB Smooth - Nickel

Building Contractor:

Yellow Block Road

Photography Credits:

This project is a bold statement of black and grey highlighting the simplicity and space of the project. Set on a relatively small allotment this elongated house is made to filter light into its depth, the architecture is accentuated by the bold black trimming and alternating black and white wall colours. The pallet is soothed by soft touches of timber and earthy grey of the natural blocks. The design allows the occupants to view the courtyard from three sides whilst remaining indoors.

With polished concrete floors throughout and exposed grey block, the house breathes sophistication and elegance. 9 point 9 Architects have designed the building with the tropics in mind, the external is cladded to insulate the internal block walls from heating up. The Thermal mass of the concrete walls and floor help to keep the house cool in summer.