Emerald House


Fiona Winzar Architects




Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Designer Masonry Honed

Building Contractor:

Prime Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

Emerald House in South Yarra, Melbourne, celebrates the wonderful qualities of concrete block, a favourite material featured in numerous projects by Fiona Winzar Architects. Adbri Honed Concrete Blocks are featured throughout Emerald House as decorative front fencing, perimeter boundary walls and its sculptural interior.

The S form of the house divides the living areas towards the front from the sleeping areas at the rear, and between the two a wonderful variety of spatial experiences are created. The S-shape is accentuated internally by two sets of stairs that follow curved ply walls, which are offset by straight and masculine concrete block walls.

The honed concrete blocks, locally manufactured by Adbri provide a warm and earthy expression, carefully complemented by local timbers, natural wool fabrics and delicate customised details. The design features state of the art German Passive House technology featuring a high-performance thermal skin, air-tightness, fresh air ducting, solar and thermal panels. The concrete floors and internal concrete block walls are key to stabilising thermal fluctuations, a critical part of the energy performance specifications. As its name suggests, Emerald House is ‘ja’ UBER GREEN!