Barrymore Road Reserve Pavilion


Loft Architecture


Contract Control


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GB Smooth - Nickel

Building Contractor:

MFZ Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The brief was to design a changing room pavilion that would be vandal proof, sustainable and require minimal maintenance. The building houses soccer changing rooms, store rooms, public amenities, a small social room and a commercial kitchen. High level operable walls are positioned in the eastern façade that let in natural light and help passively ventilate the changing rooms and social space.

Water tanks are located in the building envelope on its western side to harvest water, which is used for flushing toilets. Masonry was chosen as the building fabric because of its thermal mass, robustness and ability to accommodate anti graffiti paint. The building façade incorporates an array of block module sized windows with glazed brick highlights (Euroa bricks). These windows include translucent and clear glass depending on their height above floor level.

The expression is through a combination of nickel and pebble tones of block work and tangerine glazed bricks that analogises flashes of citrine crystal found in sedimentary rock. The utilitarian nature of the building presented challenges with regards to delivering and architectural aesthetic. However the choices of colours and textures in block and brick masonry allowed for a playful approach to the building presentation.