Langtree Mall Mildura


Hansen Partnership


Country Projects Management


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving - Ecotrihex

Building Contractor:

Country Projects Management

Photography Credits:

The Langtree Mall project involved the redevelopment of a pedestrian mall originally developed in the early 1980’s. The design is collaboration between Hansen Partnership, Bellemo & Cat Architects and Aurecon. Key elements of the design have a direct relationship to Mildura as a place and a community. Paving design references both the natural landscape of the Murray River and the agricultural landscape that surrounds it.

Shelter structures and a central pavilion reference agricultural structures. The colours of the central pavilion reflect the vibrant colours of local produce; the grapes, olives and citrus crops. Tree pits are designed to accommodate clusters of trees rather than individual specimens, and their relationship to the Murray River pavement motif and their WSUD features are directly inspired by the form and function of billabongs along the river.

The design of tree pits utilise structural soil cells and Adbri Eco-Trihex permeable pavements in tandem to provide optimal growing conditions for trees in a hostile environment. The design has been prepared in direct response to the aspirations of the Mildura community through an intensive consultation process, creating a civic space within which the Mildura community is encouraged to meet, gather, interact, transact, entertain and to be entertained.

“A subtle collage of materials has been woven together to create a highly functional and thoroughly engaging urban space for the Mildura community.”
- Jury 2016 -