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Richmond Terrace


Hansen Partnership




Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving - Trihex

Building Contractor:

Canteri Brothers

Photography Credits:

Andrew Lloyd

Richmond Terrace Park was created through the closure of two streets in Richmond, one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs. The area comprises a web of narrow tree-lined streets and an eclectic mix of homes, from modest worker’s cottages to grand Victorian mansions. The park is located at the highest point of Richmond, providing iconic city views.

The park was created in response to community demand for additional parkland. In response to the topography of the site, it features a series of platforms, demarcated by polychromatic glazed brick retaining walls in seven different colours (Euroa Clay Products) and compressed concrete capping (Atlas Columns).

Some platforms are grassed whilst others feature gravel surfacing, offering a mix of finishes for different uses. Between the platforms, a continuous carpet of ‘Trihex’ honed interlocking pavers (Adbri Masonry), in a complex 3-colour geometric pattern unifies the space. This area functions as a shared zone, providing vehicular access to properties abutting the park and free movement of pedestrians and bicycles. The paved area is edged with Hollandstone Pavers and supplemented with Tactile Pavers (Adbri Masonry). The inspiration for the engaging colours and patterns in the project originates from the historic stained glass windows of two adjacent churches.

“Context and community underpin the landscape architecture of this new park in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. This is a mixed-use space where the ground plane provides a cohesive structure for activity.”
- Jury 2016 -