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Windsor Plaza


ASPECT Studios


Euroa Clay Products


Euroa Clay Products

Products Used:

Glazed Facing Bricks - Salt Glaze & Toffee Apple Red

Building Contractor:

Ace Contractors Group

Photography Credits:

Ace Contractors Group

Bricks make glazed jewels in Windsor Plaza. Five beautiful pieces of brick urban furniture take their inspiration from their heritage surrounds. The plaza is set between Windsor Station's polychromatic brickwork, the red brick of the former Windsor Post and Telegraph Office and the postmodern fire station of architects Edmond and Corrigan.

The furniture's brickwork is laid vertically to contrast the traditional horizontal brickwork of the heritage buildings, and colours and pattern play across their facets. Brown salt glaze provides a rich, warm, slightly textured finish against toffee apple red. Banding makes a bright riff on the theme of Windsor Station. The jewelled quality of the urban furniture is accentuated by their historic setting, carefully turned brass fittings and finely detailed precast concrete.

The plaza itself is carved from unneeded road space at the funky end of fashion-focused Chapel Street, and represents a vital opportunity in densely built Windsor and a new trend in public space. It is a reinterpretation of the village square driven by the energy of a main street, station and pub. The bricks are tough like diamond, easy to maintain, hard wearing and fit for purpose.