Walter Street Terrace Landscape


David Boyle Architect


Jigsaw Constructions



Bricks Used:

Reused Brick - MD Brick 1st grade recycled dry pressed commons

Building Contractor:

Casson Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

Brigid Arnott

With no views, bordered by terrace houses on each side and a 10m high wall on its northern rear boundary, this site is heavily landlocked with limited access to sunlight, aspect and space. Like a 3 dimensional puzzle a series of voluminous interlinked spaces have been added within the available building envelope to capture the light and extend the perception of each space. The living room is the key to the house, with exposed brick walls, constructed from salvaged and recycled bricks, the high ceiling and skylight draws sun and air into the building. The thermal mass of the walls and the concrete floor minimise heat loss and gain making the house very efficient to heat and cool. Recycled bricks are also used externally on the façade and have been laid in a herringbone pattern as paving to the courtyard and the kitchen. This creates a strong visual connection and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. Similar strategies are used in the house to blur the boundaries of each space. A brick kickplate to the kitchen extends into the living room to form a plinth to the fireplace with the end bricks cut to create an undercut.