UWS Kingswood Campus Library Landscape


Allen Jack+Cottier


Taylor Construction Group


Boral Bricks

Bricks Used:

Escura - Smooth Face

Building Contractor:

Simon Masonry

Photography Credits:

Michael Nicholson

The Library consolidates the library facilities at two of Penrith’s campuses into one new building and accommodates centralized administrative services from five other campus libraries. The brief sought to create an ‘efficient, modern, state-of-the art library, an ‘inspiring and user-friendly research, learning and study centre.’ The campus buildings are built in red brick. This remained a prerequisite brief requirement to maintain visual consistency. However AJ+C chose a series of bricks predominantly with red tones to provide texture and complexity. The textured red brick facades read as an additional skin applied to the building rather than being anchored to the ground plane. All openings are framed by dark bronze sunscreens reducing the perceived mass of the building and responding to the buildings orientation providing further scale, detail and texture. To achieve the mottle, four types of bricks in the following ratio: Boral Escura Smooth Face Red 35%, Escura Red Velour 35% ,Escura Dry Pressed Red Rum and Lincoln Blue mottle10% and were combined in situ to ensure ratios were consistently maintained on all facades. A consistent cut was required to ensure the cut on the acute corners was maintained throughout.