Thomas Carr College - Chapel Landscape


Smith+Tracey Architects


Searle Bros


Bowral Bricks

Bricks Used:

Bowral Bricks - Bowral Blue

Building Contractor:

Paul Phillips

Photography Credits:

Chris Matterson Photography

The Thomas Carr College Chapel is located in the outer Melbourne growth corridor suburb of Tarneit. It is a new chapel for the Catholic College to meet the spiritual needs of both the student and staff population. The Chapel is 120m2 and accommodates 80 people comfortably. It was seen as space for thought and contemplation as well as religious ceremony. The brickwork design draws inspiration from renaissance cathedrals such as the sienna cathedral with its stripped patterning. In this case the stripes are diagonally arranged to highlight the curved walls and geometry. The Bowral Bricks, Bowral Blue, was used with the darker colour configuration on the outside this was reversed to the lighter Charolais Cream on the inside with stripe being the alternative colour in each case. The chapel’s curvilinear formal geometry is based on the Fibonacci sequence which is found in the growth patterns of many plants and animals. This was seen as complementary to the spiritual growth of the users of the building. The brick walls face the main street address and the suburban context. A reflective aluminium panel guide visitors to the front door. The brickwork walls extend to create the entry courtyard and spiritual garden.