The Beach House Hotel Landscape


KP Architects


HT Constructions


PGH Bricks & Pavers

Bricks Used:

Naturals - Frost

Building Contractor:

RBR Bricklayers

Photography Credits:

Sam Noonan

The Beach House Hotel located a stones throw away from the beautiful Seaford Forshaw which was the inspiration behind this delightful transformation. KP Architects used PGH Frost bricks to mimic the golden white sands of the stunning coastline. The outside brick feature is transferred through to the inside cleverly visually and practically. Built in 198? the hotel, originally named The Seaford Hotel, is located in a Southern suburb of Adelaide. Set on a prominent corner, the building form evokes images of ‘New York Hamptons’ coastal design with steeply pitched roofs and clad in weather boards with French windows and doors. The brief was to create a fresh and exciting design that focused on strong food and beverage offer. The weather board was continued internally as a cladding for bars and walls and a white brick was introduced to balance crispness of the painted weatherboard. A series of low walls and a central fireplace create subtle divisions that enable customers to feel comfortable in winter. An outdoor courtyard area was also introduced with a central fireplace that encourages dining in the colder months.Solid Operable shutters, bring a beachy feel that can be opened to provide views out.