Project Zero Landscape




Apollo Property


Austral Bricks

Bricks Used:

These bricks were recovered from old buildings demolished on Astral Brick's site at Rochedale

Building Contractor:

Apollo Property

Photography Credits:

Christopher Frederick Jones

From an unlikely and even an unpromising start a collection of spaces has emerged for living that perfectly suits Brisbane’s sub-tropic climate and conditions. At the core of the sustainability approach was the desire to re-use existing building stock located on an underutilised site. Thus the main elements of the project that contribute to the "zero" impact building are: the re-configuring and relocation of the existing house combined with new additions that include on-site water treatment, solar panels, and the use of reclaimed building materials including recycled bricks. The new extension is designed as a long wing adjacent to and opening onto the central outdoor space. This shape provides a protective edge to the hot western sun and adds necessary mass as it is made of a subtly pink coloured recycled brick. The bricks were chosen for their thermal mass, which plays a major role in reducing energy consumption and maintaining a stable and comfortable interior condition. The bricks offer a contrast in character between the new and the old house, which was a completely lightweight construction system. Utilising brickwork as an external and internal floor finish blurs the boundary between interior and exterior providing an ambiguity of spatial enclosure.