Polychrome Landscape


David Boyle Architect


Dodd Constructions


Adbri Masonry

Bricks Used:

Bowral Bricks - Renovation Gertrudis Brown

Building Contractor:

Photography Credits:

Littered amongst Australian cities lies dormant a neglected building typology. Constructed in the 1960’s the red textured brick unit block offered an idealised residential typology replacing the cramp and dark terraces. Considered of little architectural merit, this project offers a more sustainable refurbishment alternative model, where the inherent character of the red textured brick is brought to value. Drawing on Newtown’s street art and the style of the 1960’s, new elements have a graphically bold and playful character; blur the boundaries between public and private; and encourage street interaction. A polychromatic mural applied to the lower section of the building retains the red brick as an essential element in the composition. A blend of Austral ‘Bowral Blue’ and ‘Renovation Gertudis Brown’ bricks is used for paving and a stepped pillar. They have been laid in a stacked bond on flat to expose the colour variation of the core of the brick to compliment the colour of the existing brick. Internally exposed bricks have been used as a feature wall. Recycled bricks are laid irregularly with recessed mortar. Standard brick commons are laid in a stack bond with flush mortar and cut into 3 profiles to create corbelled and chamfered shelves.