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Patrick Wharf Port Botany NSW


Gillion Consulting Group


Fulton Hogan


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

Commercial Heavy Duty Pavers Techpave100

Building Contractor:

ACP Hardstand Solutions

Photography Credits:

APC Hardstand Solutions completed this project September 2014. This was the largest paving project under construction during 2014 in Australia, the original quantity ordered for the project was 69000m2. Attention to detail was essential on this container hardstand expansion. The development included the installation of world leading automated straddle carrier technology and the introduction of 10m high, 65 tonne automated straddle carrier.

Once built, the 44 AutoStrad will operate unmanned, using radar and laser guidance technology to navigate the straddles around the yard, moving and stacking containers, onto vehicles and back to the quay cranes with pinpoint accuracy of better than 2cm. The client (Patricks) requested the use of pavers in all container storage areas as they have used this solution in the past and over many years have found that heavy duty pavers give you the maintenance flexibility over other products. The product used was the Austral Masonry Techpave100 which met all structural and design requirements for the project.