Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Cloister and Parish Offices Landscape


Bowral Bricks


Layton Bricklaying


Marc Morabito Constructions

Bricks Used:

Bowral Bricks - Hereford Bronze

Building Contractor:

Photography Credits:

The Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH) project presented many challengers but foremost was to create a contextual final product that had a precedence set by the magnificent brickwork of the neighboring existing church structure in a modern contemporary way. The existing church brickwork was constructed many years ago and is flamboyant displaying workmanship that is difficult to reproduce today. The design complements the church structure and provides reflection and integration of other parts of the site. The cloister structure successfully provides a forecourt to the parish offices that can be used for religious functions such as weddings, funerals and baptisms. The cloister is highly visible from a major road and affords a smart modern presentation for the Parish whilst respecting the destinguished heritage character of the church and other parts of the site. Sweeping arches, engaged buttresses, consideration to proportions and careful selection of brick types contributes to the ambiance of the final product. Attention to detail was uncompromising, where junctions of standard brick profiles were inappropriate bricks were modified to ensure consistency. The Parish Offices and Cloister are testimony that design in brick can be innovative, modern and still respectful to inspiring workmanship of the past.