North One Landscape




CL Bardon


Midland Brick (WA)

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Custom Order

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‘North One’, Subiaco WA, is a contemporary residential and commercial development, its massing a dramatic composition of cubist shapes which intersect to create a deeply modelled façade on the busy north side streetscape and a calm flat façade to a quiet laneway on the south side. Brickwork and Subiaco are synonymous, the architectural character most associated with the town being the red brick and rendered facades which go back to the time of Federation. It quickly became apparent that the timelessness of brick, it’s modularity, flexibility and link with the ingrained character of the suburb would lend itself perfectly. Midland Brick's enthusiasm for the project was such that they offered to work with the architects to provide a new brick, unique to North One, incorporating a deep red/brown colour with a hard-glazed appearance. It took many months of experimentation with glazing and test firings to produce the final product - ‘Subiaco Red’ – but the results were spectacular and the material and its mode of use at North One stands out as a testament to the efforts of a team willing to go the extra mile to craft a unique version of a traditional material on a modern building.