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Mt Lawley Senior High School Exterior


Sandover Pinder


Pyramid Construction


Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Burlesque - Chilling Black

Building Contractor:

PWD Contractors

Photography Credits:

Bricks used landscaping Austral Bursting Orange,Luscious Red,Red Smooth,Smashing Blue,Chilling Black, Deeping Green,Enchanting Yellow,Indulgent white Cognac Illusion,Majestic Grey,Brushed Leather,Karrington Silver,Red Smooth single/ double header bullnose for garden beds. Midland used Red Smooth Sandover Pinder were engaged to design the Year 7 building for Mt Lawley Senior High School. The building was designed to integrate into the existing built environment.

Feature garden walls constructed with Flemish bond/traditional bond form a plinth under the building. Single/double header bullnose red smooth bricks laid atop the walls as a finishing detail to form seating for students to be utilised for both class and recreational activities. We provided a unique opportunity for artists to integrate their creations within the built fabric of the building.

Artists Anne Neil and Noelene Hamlett were given a comprehensive palette of glazed bricks from the Austral Burlesque range to create Aboriginal and Chinese themed artwork. The school has strong links to the local Aboriginal community as well as local and international Chinese communities. They wished to celebrate these links with representations of Chinese mystical and revered symbols like the Dragon and the Carp as well as dreamtime stories of community, land and animals built on selected walls around the building.