La Salle College - Trade Skills Centre Landscape


Parry & Rosenthal Architects


EMCO Building


Midland Brick (WA)

Bricks Used:

Midland Reds - Red Smooth

Building Contractor:

EMCO Building

Photography Credits:

Acorn Photo - Robert Frith

Located in a traditional working class suburb characterised by early settlement and gold rush buildings built from classic red clay face brickwork, La Salle College features a similar iconic palette so the team’s intention for the design of the new Trade Skills Centre sought to not only complement this tradition but also add a distinct sense of craft through careful brickwork detailing and simplicity of the building forms. Being a centre for teaching students lifelong lessons in trade, we were keen to provide the School with an attractive, timeless, robust and durable building with quality features that would encourage users of the facility to take pride in their new learning environment. Midland / Boral Bricks’ red smooth standard bricks were used throughout the walls, with decorative diagonal dog-toothing, alternating stepped coursing & deep reveals were used to help intensify key features such as windows, while 3-course high soldiers were used more traditionally along the tops of walls & openings. Heavy-duty red clay pavers surround the new facility to seamlessly tie in with the existing School and provide a robust base for service traffic.