Inarc Architects


Australian Brickworks


Bowral Bricks

Bricks Used:

Bowral50 - Charolais Cream

Building Contractor:

Pellicano Builders

Photography Credits:

Peter Clarke

The new Clubhouse at Huntingdale Golf Club replaces a 1941 Clubhouse which featured white painted walls and a terracotta roof, both of which were dear to the Members. As a modern reference to the white walls of the original Clubhouse the new building features the use of creamy white brick masonry to the external walls, feature chimneys and selected internal walls. In order to accentuate the texture and shadows of the brickwork a special laying pattern was employed where every second course features pairs of bricks laid with an angled geometry. The mortar colour was selected to match the brickwork so that the light falling on the tapestry pattern and the deep raked joints is the dominant feature. To enhance the continuity between the inside and outside, the crisp white textured brickwork was also used in interior public areas. The strong graphic expression of the brickwork walls and chimneys help define the warm contemporary character of the new building. The soft creamy colour of the bricks and their natural dappled variation in colour add a softness and handmade quality to the building’s appearance which sits harmoniously in the verdant setting, calmly showing a new way forward for Golf Club Architecture.