Garden House Landscape


Tzannes Associates


Paul King


Austral Bricks

Bricks Used:

London - Chestnut

Building Contractor:

SJ Roberts Brickwork

Photography Credits:

Michael Nicholson

The project is for a new house set in a compact urban site. Within this dense situation we have created a relaxed yet rich garden landscape of interconnected indoor and outdoor rooms. Gardens surround and are integral to the building. The house is open on all sides with many views through the plan linking rooms to the gardens beyond. The new house was positioned to maximise access to northern light. To achieve this, the home hugs the bent southern boundary and is split into two distinct wings around the principle garden room. This room is enclosed by the two components of the house: the entertaining spaces, and the more intimate family rooms. The material character of the building grounds it in the garden. A monolithic external character is established through the careful matching of brick pavers with face brick work, steelwork, tint mortar and in-situ concrete. Roofing, flashings and blinds have been selected to compliment the earthy hues found in the brick. A finer, more horizontal scale to the brickwork is created through the use of 50mm brick courses. The interior by contrast is clean and crisp white with natural materials incorporated for warmth and variation.