ARM Architecture





Bricks Used:

Nubrik Classic 230 - Chapel Red

Building Contractor:

Build It Brick

Photography Credits:

Firbank Grammar’s new Brighton campus learning centre is a renovation and expansion of the existing 1970s brick library. Its proximity to the campus’s historical heart (the arts and crafts-styled Louis Williams Building) provided an ideal opportunity to associate the new design with the campus’s origin. The decision to work in brick connects the new with the original, and references the long and complicated tradition of brick construction in modernist architecture. It allows the new building to be different, yet simultaneously familiar. The new building features distinct façade elements that respond to the complex architectural relationships within the campus. An impressive 12-metre long double-curved red-brick archway, constructed using traditional methods, defines the new entry and offers glimpses of the more intimate spaces beyond. An adjacent turned-brick column is a distinctive feature of the entry to the lower classrooms. The northern façade weaves white glazed brickwork (Austral Bricks Dynasty Indulgent White) through a red-brick background (Nubrik Classic 230 Chapel Red) and provides a 5-metre deep colonnade running the length of the building. The learning centre respects and enhances the existing campus. It provides highly flexible, contemporary learning spaces that will address Firbank’s educational needs for many years.