Burwood Road Apartments Landscape


OLA Architecture Studio


Daniel Shields, Roland Bockting and Tim Phillips


OLA Architecture Studio

Bricks Used:

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OLA Architecture Studio

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Elements - Zinc

Burwood Road apartments consist of nine dwellings and a retail tenancy. The site is located within the heart of the historical brick-making area just east of Auburn Village, Hawthorn East; the origins of the Hawthorn brick and one of the original brickworks sites. After tirelessly researching various tones of the Hawthorn brick, a darker comparison was nominated – Austral Bricks; Elements Zinc. The buildings traditional and modest material pallet; black brick, recycled red brick, hardwood timber and black steel, evoke a strong sense of sturdiness and solidarity. The timber batten screen façade softens the massing to the street, as the brick floats effortlessly upon timber screen stilts. The building explores transparency through a solid material; black brick, used as a contemporary reminder to an important element in Hawthorn’s early industrial history. ‘Hit and miss’ brick detailing screens private terraces and bedrooms from built-up, inner-city surroundings. Recycled red brick on edge pave the entry walkway, paying homage to the classic red brick found on site and more typically in the neighbourhood. Demolition unveiled a preserved painted sign from last century, on an existing brick boundary wall which further adds to the layering of history and recognition of the sites past.