Bunbury Catholic College Mercy Campus Landscape


CODA Studio and Broderick Architects, JV Partners




Austral Bricks

Bricks Used:

Building Contractor:

Cam Bricklaying and A&A Building & Construction

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CODA and Broderick Architects have recently completed stage 1 of Bunbury Catholic College’s new campus at Australind. We chose masonry as the primary material to give permanence and a “civic heart” to the school, which is located within a new suburban subdivision. Reflecting our ongoing interest in the craft of bricklaying and its capacity to create texture, pattern and delight, we worked closely with Brikmakers, Austral Bricks and the builder, BGC, to deliver three timeless and magnificent buildings. The impact of the design is as much about what has been left as it is about what has been included. By limiting the palette of materials we were able to push brick to its limit. Throughout the project we see moments of delight as brick walls graciously curve and whimsical patterns are created through a deliberately hit and miss pattern. Delicate arrangements of light and shadow create a soft interplay despite the solidity of the material. The palette of brown and grey bricks was selected in response to the surrounding coastal landscape, and was used for both the walls and the ground plane. Doing this embedded the building further to the site and enhanced its engagement with the external environment.