Arena Apartments Landscape


Ellivo Architects


Hutchinson Builders


Austral Bricks

Bricks Used:

Precision - Precision Red

Building Contractor:

Hutchinson Builders

Photography Credits:

Scott Burrows

The Arena Apartments development in South Brisbane has been generated as a response to the unique site constraints. It is unlike anything else is South Brisbane and its strong bold form makes a real statement in the vibrant South Brisbane community. The rotated podium and tower form has been designed to take advantage of the expansive view lines, allow views though the site from neighbouring buildings and creates an urban courtyard that contributes to both the public and private amenity. The expression of podium form gives a sense of connection to the local context through the use of natural and fine-grained materials, while the tower provides a cleaner, more refined aesthetic. The building entries are centrally accessed from the internal pedestrian street reinforcing the connection with the public realm. The use of brick within the project was a direct response to the local context and an appropriate solution to the human scaled environment created within the entry courtyard space.