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Architectural Brick

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Landscape Solutions Brett Sinclair Bricklaying

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The new $750,000 Pyalong Police Station replaces the old station which operated at the site since 1972 and includes an entrance foyer, reception counter, general office, meeting room, interview room and lock up garage. The ‘modern and environmentally-sustainable’ station is a significant step up from the previous building, which was not designed as a police station, it also uses environmentally sustainable design features that will reduce both the station’s impact on the environment and running costs. The architect utilised over 15,000 of Adbri Masonry’s Architectural Brick in a variety of texture and colours to achieve the modern design of Pyalong’s latest government building.

The one-man station and planned residence close to Bendigo and Melbourne, is an important step in attracting and retaining top-quality officers. Pyalong is supported by Kilmore police station, but also by Heathcote when additional officers are required. Victoria Police had a long and proud history of local policing and officers understanding and working closely with the country communities they served. Ensuring there is a viable permanent police presence in the community will help deter criminal activity and build greater bonds between the station officer and the local residents into the future.