NMBW Architecture Studio


BDH Constructions


Boral Masonry

Bricks Used:

Designer Block Smooth Face

Building Contractor:

Shoreline Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The Curlewis house is organised around two courtyards, and sits within a large scale rural, coastal landscape. The site looks over Corio bay towards the You-Yangs, Melbourne CBD and the Geelong industrial waterfront.

The house responds to the scale of this landscape and specific site soil conditions. It is set back from the coastline and the street and sits behind and between existing trees. The building floor levels step down with the fall in the site, and the building circulation links and crosses over the site pathways.

The building spaces and circulation link around and into two courtyard spaces. These are both "loose" courtyards that are connected to the surrounding landscape but act to mediate the scale of it. A series of thin internal and external spaces; some contained, some covered and some open, are discovered as you arrive and walk through the house.

The structural materials are used as finished surfaces; concrete block, hollow-core pre-cast concrete panels, and steel lintels. This materiality has sense of solidity and protection but also allows spaces adjacent to courtyards to feel like porches or extensions of the courtyard space allowing exterior spaces to come into the building.