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Tumba Shire Units


Tumbarumba Shire Council


Tumbarumba Shire Council


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GB Split Face Pewter, Heron and Charcoal

Building Contractor:

Tumbarumba Shire Council

Photography Credits:

Project is first stage of retirement living units - built by council, sold to owners to create affordable retirement housing in their shire. Originally drawn with timber sleeper retaining walls, this was not the preferred "look" for the project once the buildings had been erected. So, working with the Shire engineer to develop a plan the easiest, cost effective way was to use the Heron retaining wall system - some walls were up to 1.8m high and had no room to excavate behind to allow to use mortarless blocks with a reinforcing system.

To mitigate this issue it was decided to use Heron where appropriate and to use matching mortared Austral split face blocks for the other walls.

The purpose of this strategy was to ensure that the work/finished result looked uniform on site, was done at the least cost and in the most practicable manner. The outcome is successful in these goals and the shire is more than happy with the look of the project.