The Beaulieu


Platinum Homes


Platinum Homes



Products Used:

Custombrik Range Custom Brick Colour

Building Contractor:

Brett Ingram

Photography Credits:

Gatecrasher Advertising

Like all top-level home builders, Platinum Homes wanted to be able to ensure their distinctive work would have its uniqueness enhanced by building products selected. Colours and shapes were the main focus for the home. Platinum wanted to break away from the traditional cream and reddish-brown pallets and incorporate a colour that is better suited to the post-modern style of houses. The brick pattern was to be stack-bond so special corner pieces had to be made and the brick edges were to be straight and sharp. Brikmakers worked with Platinum Homes to develop custom brick. The extra length and custom corner pieces are perfectly suited for the stack bond pattern.

What is notable is the subtle shimmering of the surface under direct sunlight. This creates a unique surface where each piece is expressed individually whilst enhancing the texture and pattern overall. In the kitchen the home has a clear-glass splashback in front of the exposed bricks. This simple addition creates a sense of playfulness with textures as the reflection of outdoor onto the glass surface showcases the bricks in an unexpected and interesting way.