Nexus Apartments


Clarke Keller Architects


Project Coordination


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry Sandhurst Stone

Building Contractor:

Rick Thorne Constructions

Photography Credits:

Architect firm Clarke Keller worked with the vision of Project Coordination to design a complex that delivered unique comfort, convenience and lifestyle choice in an exciting and rapidly growing suburb of Franklin in the ACT.

In the design of the 110 unit strong Nexus Apartments, Clarke Keller had the issue of trying to blend both the natural landscape with the developers plans to create a modern and unique multi dwelling complex.

By incorporating Adbri Masonry's Sandhurst Stone, with the split faced coloured block both complementing the surrounding natural landscape and adding character to the buildings contemporary design, in a striking contrast to the colorbond steel also used throughout the project, they have done just this.