Glenside Health Facility Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services


Swanbury Penglase


Hansen Yunken


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry Smooth Stone

Building Contractor:

Pascale Construction

Photography Credits:

Slingshot Photography

The vision of the new Glenside Campus was to provide modern specialist health services integrated within the wider community. Through an innovative master planning approach, building form and orientation this has been achieved whilst maintaining a place of refuge, security and healing.

The redevelopment of the Glenside Health Facility gave the client an opportunity to review the way it operates, facilitate change in the perception of mental health issues in the community, and of most importance provide a safe restorative environment for the clients.

Adbri Masonry assisted Swanbury Penglase in providing over eighty thousand Smooth Coloured Blocks in a variety of different heights and colours. The use of a variety of coursing heights assisted in breaking down the impact of large expanses of wall whilst also adding flexibility in the positioning of opening locations, resulting in a reduced number of cuts and cost impact.

Adbri Masonry's Smooth Coloured Block veneer is a contemporary yet classic material that people relate to which in this project worked well in creating a non-institutional feel to the facility while achieving robust performance.