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Glen Osmond Fire Station


Government of SA - Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


Building Solutions SA


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry Designer Masonry Honed

Building Contractor:

Trewstone Contractors

Photography Credits:

Slingshot Photography

Servicing an increasingly populated area of Adelaide's inner eastern and inner southern suburbs the original Glen Osmond Fire Station, constructed in 1968, had reached the end of its economic operational life. The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) considered that the risk profile in this area required the continued presences of a full time MFS fire station, and thus the redevelopment of the existing Glen Osmond Fire Station needed to be undertaken so to ensure that an emergency service could continue to be provided.

A key aim of this project was to provide sufficient accommodation for operational crew and fire appliances including sufficient space to safely access and egress from the station. The project also provided modern training and operational facilities to ensure that the high quality and effective service continues to be provided.

Located within a residential area the design of the Fire Station needed to reflect a similar scale and finish to surrounding buildings. The new facility utilised over 14,000 Honed Designer Masonry blocks in an oatmeal colour for many of the stations inner rooms. Providing a warm, robust, low maintenance wall solution, the exposed honed blocks proved to be an exceptional choice for the residence home away from home.