Coastal Waters


Lend Lease


Wellco Developments


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

Magnumstone Grey

Building Contractor:

Wellco Developments

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Overlooking the splendid St Georges basin on the south coast of NSW, Coastal Waters offers both a spectacular natural setting and access services and attractions. The retirement village has over the years expanded with the last construction taking place over 2011 and 2012 Stages 5/6. Due to the unique coastal setting the site required numerous retaining walls.

The client called for a robust retaining wall system whilst offering aesthetic appeal as they would form the back drop to the residences backyards. The client, Lend Lease chose the Austral Masonry Magnumstone system due to its size appealing to the structural engineers and finish to the architects. The large precast concrete blocks were well received by the Builder/ Contractor due to the ease of installation, minimal labour required and most importantly the speed of construction.

MagnumStone is a large pre-cast retaining wall system, developed with the engineer, designer and installer in mind. Because of its size and design flexibility, MagnumStone is ideal for any retaining wall project, from seawalls to roadways to subdivisions. MagnumStone Engineered For Strength Designed For Beauty.