Cradle Design


Henry Vrielink Builder


Boral Masonry

Bricks Used:

Designer Block Honed Face

Building Contractor:

Peter Mould

Photography Credits:

Patrice Riboust

The site is an old tennis court surrounded by mature pine trees on a beautiful property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains. The client, a prominent Australian artist, commissioned a simple modernist space in which to create and display large paintings with a separate storage area for both art work and a substantial library.
The building plan is informed by the grid of the tennis court, maintaining its memory, and incorporates a north-facing courtyard. The expanse of drystone wall uses granite from a local building that has been stored on site for many years. It is combined with aluminium-framed glazing and fair-faced blockwork for a spare, utilitarian aesthetic.
The blockwork is Boral Designer Block in Alabaster with half-height bands in Charcoal every other course. The finish is honed and the mortar is light to match the Alabaster. The colours used for the blockwork pick up the tones of the granite. The blockwork provides a visually arresting contrast with the organic forms of the stone and defines the storage area of the studio.