13th Beach House


Auhaus Architecture


Jasada with Ben Jolley



Products Used:

Extruded Bricks Jasper

Building Contractor:

M & K Moon Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The House sits on the edge of the 13th Beach golf course where constant west winds roll over the dunes and across the site.

The layout, form and construction of the house is designed to counter the wind and provide privacy from the golfers. The building mass is set behind a pair of brick walls slipping past one another and bending toward the street to encircle a courtyard. The taller of the walls tapers to the ground, anchoring into the site. The walls also play a theatrical role as protecting arms bracing the building against the wind and shielding from the street.

A covenant prevented visible patterning of brick or block externally so they are rendered with a heavy spray of White concrete. Internally a traditional lime wash was applied to the brickwork providing a soft luminous finish. The lime solution runs into the brickwork highlighting the texture and craft of the brickwork.

Deep window reveals accentuate the sense of mass and fortification of the masonry construction while the solidity of the floor grounds the masonry volume. Materiality and scale define the different zones.