PHOOEY Architects in collaboration with Simon Ellis Landscape Architects


Conterno Group



Bricks Used:

Re-used Brick

Building Contractor:

Conterno Group

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PHOOEY Architects enjoyed collaborating with Simon Ellis Landscape Architects to create a small child-friendly rear garden filled with as many interesting & sustainable features as any large garden.

The project applies the surrealist technique of "Cubomania" to catalogue, re-use & re-invent the demolished building materials. This involved placing a grid over a plan of the old (largely paved) courtyard, which was entirely demolished. The cut squares were strategically re-arranged to suit the new functional layout.

This technique was also utilised for the adjoining architecture & the same grid was extended to inform the cladding of vertical/ built garden elements. Embodied energy was minimised by balancing the quantity of demolished materials against those brought in to replace them.
The garden presents a bricolage of recycled face brickwork. Red clinkers were laid in modular grids with alternating perpendicular stretcher-bonds. The checkerboard pattern was strategically embellished with timber decking, exposed aggregate concrete, water & sand features. Hardscapes were softened with planted strips to increase permeability.

Carefully considered spaces enable utilities, house a few service items, provide bicycle & general storage and facilitate outdoor cooking/ entertainment, tranquillity & child play. The functional layout enables efficient circulation & offers flexible transition between inside & outside.