ASPECT Studios + NMBW Architecture Studio


ADM Structures


Recycled (originally made at Box Hill Brick Co Ltd), Krause Bricks, Euroa Clay Products

Bricks Used:

Re-used Brick (existing red face and white painted brick), Pressed red-blue blend (Krause Bricks), 'Toffee Apple Red' glazed brick (Euroa Clay Products)

Building Contractor:

ADM Structures

Photography Credits:

Box Hill Gardens is a historical park, 14 kilometres from Melbourne. ASPECT Studios and NMBW Architecture Studio were commissioned by Whitehorse City Council to create an innovative multi-purpose space within the well-loved Box Hill Gardens.

Three key concepts have driven the design:
1. Creation of a contemporary recreational and events surface, which functions as a flexible community space, providing courts for multiple sport and activities and areas for public events.
2. Part of the former tennis clubhouse has been retained and reused as seating platforms, while recycled bricks from its demolition have been used for the walls and floor of a new amenities building and associated brick platforms and ledges. Brick is used as a mediating device between hard and soft landscape, tying diverse functional elements together through its repeated use.
3. Use of colour and graphics to encourage activity and to create a distinct surface that differentiates itself from the existing park character. A dynamic super graphic creates an iconic and playful destination.

The final design of the space successfully embodies a bold contemporary aesthetic with layers of history and memory, and the careful integration of landscape and built form elements.