Paul Coffey Architects with Harrison and White


Gazelle Constructions



Bricks Used:

Re-used Brick

Building Contractor:

Gazelle Constructions

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This new 47m fence forms the north-west corner of the St Bernard’s Parish and School block in Coburg East. Harrison and White with Paul Coffey Architects produced a masterplan that identified the subject corner as key to the site’s future and the fence is a first step in the renewal of this corner, is the most public face of the school.

The space behind the fence is both the Presbytery backyard and has evolved into a productive garden learning space for the school where children grow vegetables and the like. This function will expand in the future as the fence space available has increased - the re-alignment of the fence further out to the corner. The fence starts as full height brick and transforms gradually to full height expanded steel mesh in unfolded elevation it is two triangles of distinct materials.

The fence’s design proposition and brief was to be two things at once - both solid and transparent. The existing brick church building is a fine example of a post war Modernist church, and features existing brick fencing using clinker brick. There was a strong interest in both continuing this treatment and transforming it.