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Parsons Street Revitalisation


Susan Dugdale and Assoc. With Jen Clarsen Landscape Architect


Ausbuild NT


Products Used:

Building Contractor:

Ausbuild NT

Photography Credits:

Miriam Wallace

The Parsons Street project is part of larger project to revitalise Todd Mall in Alice Springs. Parsons Street is a key connector that links the existing Mall to the Todd River. Bricks were chosen for the project for their historical link to the existing brick paving in Todd Mall, and also for their robustness, flexibility and warmth of colour.

The stepped water channel leading from the footpath to the landscape beds is part of a flood irrigation system that creates a water event for street users. The stepped bricks, combined with local sandstone blocks, slow and spread the flow of water. The alternating flooding and dryness of the feature represents water in the desert landscape. The stepped red bricks and sandstone represent the red rocks and gorges of the region.

Sentinel-like brick benches provide an edge to the landscape beds. The jewel-like colours of the glazed bricks are colours seen in the paintings of contemporary aboriginal artists from the Alice Springs region.

With the restrained swirls of the brick paving they add an element of detail and specialness that is uncommon in the very robust Alice Springs streetscape, and act as signposts leading visitors along Parson Street to the River.