Mountview Estate at Redbank Plains





Adbri Masonry

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Craig Nykiel from Hercules

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Adbri Masonry's Contracting Services worked with Devine Pty Ltd to team supplied, installed, designed and certified the construction of over 800 square meters of Charcoal Versawall® for the Redbank Plains, Mountainview Estate project.

This was the first time the Versawall® retaining wall system had been used by Devine and as such the Contracting Services Team worked closely from a concept and design perspective to meet their expectations both aesthetically and structurally.

Devine selected the Versawall® due to the flexibility of the system to incorporate stair entries to the housing developments and to lift the street appeal as well as structurally retain. The result is a seamless modern vertical wall which compliments the modern design of the newly built homes within the Mountainview Estate.

Contracting Services engaged Craig Nykiel from Hercules, one of our most accredited installers in the construction of this retaining wall system, to install all retaining walls.