Minto Residence




The Other Side Landscapes


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Bowral Blue

Building Contractor:

The Other Side Landscapes

Photography Credits:

Peter Brennan

Based on two overlayed and rotated logarithmic spirals this garden design is intertwined around the brick retaining wall. The garden is located near heritage homes, we sought to emulate the earthy tones of these homes and anchor our new garden with the Bowral Blue Heritage Bricks and the use of a black oxide mortar.

The retaining wall utilises the English garden wall bond and has a double bull nose capping. The wall is sinuous and curved. The wall rakes up and down to follow the existing grades further adding to its organic character. The wall was designed to create both a sitting wall and a raised garden bed.

A customised special bull nose return brick was utilised to allow the bullnose capping to curve and sweep down over the stop end, leaving no sharp angles, further accentuating the curves. This custom special brick was sourced from Namoi Valley Bricks and custom coloured to match by NawKaw.

Materials were selected for their ability to be deconstructed and reused in the future hence the use of dry pressed bricks. We also used the Bowral Blue 50mm bricks laid on edge as a smart and lightweight edge to the gardens, turf and gravel paths.