Henley Beach Esplanade


City of Charles Sturt


Blu-built Constructions


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving Unipave

Building Contractor:

Blu-built Constructions

Photography Credits:

Adbri Masonry has assisted the City of Charles Sturt in upgrading a 3km section of footpaths, with over 100,000 units of Charcoal 80mm Unipave and Hollandstone.

The project looked to improve safety and functionality of the road by providing a narrower slow speed environment, improving access to and across, the road for cyclists, vehicles and pedestrians, as well as providing an aesthetic upgrade to the local landscape.

The pavement was an integral part of the upgrade to the Esplanade at Henley Beach which also included the renovation of curbs, gutters, plants and general landscaping for the beach front.

As well as pedestrians and cyclists, the footpath also needed to caters for local traffic entering and exiting residential properties.