Hall-Jordan Residence - Brick Paving


Hall-Jordan Architecture and Interior Design


Christopher Hall-Jordan



Products Used:

Re-used Brick

Building Contractor:

Christopher Hall-Jordan

Photography Credits:

Christopher Hall-Jordan

My thesis supervisor had the entire underside of his house paved in bricks and from the first day I saw it, while handing in a draft for him to review, I just knew they were a stimulating material to have under-foot. The uneven texture, the way light moved over the surface and the variation in colour just delighted my eyes.

So, over the last thirty years, whether walking the dogs or kicking dirt on a site visit, I have collected stray, abandoned and homeless bricks. Some have come from heritage buildings that suffered the wrath of the wrecking ball; others have a much more common heritage in 1970s Tupperware and orange brick houses.

I realise the intent of these worthy awards is to spot-light exemplary landscape design using clay and brick pavers and this entry only serves to candle-light my little pieces of crazy paving. However to my eye any area of mixed masonry paving that plays with the landscape is a story that contributes to the future archaeology of this suburban back yard.

They are no longer stray and abandoned; they have a home in my yard. No grand design, rather my provincial paving. Extravagance, eccentricity, asininity, amusement.