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Clieveden Street Residence


Chindarsi Architects


Castleprime Construction


Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Elements Zinc

Building Contractor:

Photography Credits:

Joe Chindarsi is well known for the way he can meld a totally contemporary extension into a character home. The solid brick pier elements provide anchoring elements for grounding the landscape around the existing Californian Bungalow.

The new brickwork references the existing red face brickwork to the base of the house, but I didn't want to compete with the colour or bonding of the existing, so chose a contrasting and unmistakably contemporary stack bonding arrangement which ties in with the texture and grain of the original.

The colour was also chosen so as not to compete in relation to the original, and is designed to tie in tonally rather than chromatically. To the boundary, the face brick piers provide rhythm to the streetscape, and frame the white lasercut screen elements which reference the original lead-lighting patterning found in the windows and doors of the original bungalow.

A large brick planter holds almond trees and scented jasmine and separates the carport from the pedestrian entry. Brick works beautifully with the other textures - limestone, white gravel, weathered timber, black flamed granite and white rendered walls.