Brighton Residence


John Adam Architect


Vertex Design


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Bowral 50 Bricks and Dry Pressed Face Bricks

Building Contractor:

T.D. Landscaping

Photography Credits:

The aim was to create the illusion of depth under foot, almost like walking on water, where the contact patch of the sole was slightly mesmerizing and out of focus.

The mottled colours reducing the planar surface to a texture of individual pixels that are more akin to background radiation than terra firma.

A mixture of recycled, end of run and old inventory bricks and pavers where used in conjunction with selected speciality bricks. Showcasing Bowral Bricks from both 50mm and 76mm ranges, plus Metallix Emery, Pressed Red, Coffee and Manganese, Governor Foveaux, and Earth Slate, this design proves that too much is never enough. The bricks were laid as a running row bond and on edge to overcome individual brick/paver thickness issues that would normally restrict such a wide palette. The distinct laying pattern highlights lineal movements which are then continued along vertical surfaces such as the fences and garage.

The clients, Pippa and Andrew Holt were encouraging of the experiment and delighted with the outcome, an outcome which has garnered many comments and debates from neighbours and passers-by and as such, excites us to be able to stimulate interest and opinion in our work. The dry-pressed, glazed, smooth and textured finishes combined with the random laying pattern creates a seamless transition from the traditional red brick house, out to the beachfront, right around the corner.