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Paving Euro Honed

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Landscape Solutions

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Ausgrids $75 million Learning Centre at Silverwater in Sydney's West was built to provide a high quality and efficient educational environment for Ausgrid apprentices and staff. The centre, designed by Sydney Architects DEM was awarded a 6 Star Green rating Education Design v1 Certified Rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

With an emphasis on creating a truly sustainable building that would achieve the 6 Star Rating, DEM Architects researched a number of environmentally friendly products for inclusion within the design.

When it came to the landscaping, the DEM team entered discussions with Adbri Masonry about the manufacture and supply of a paver which could achieve a 40% cement replacement to meet the Mat 4 Concrete section of the 6 Star Green Star building requirements.

Through consultation between Adbri Masonry and DEM, the premium Euro® Honed paver was selected for its decorative finish as well as its characteristic as a high strength solution due to the pressed pavers high density.