Elenberg Fraser


Elenberg Fraser


Boral Masonry

Bricks Used:

Abode paver range in Biscotti

Building Contractor:

Elenberg Fraser

Photography Credits:

The design of the showroom comes from the idea of the brick and the medium of the wall, in particular the point where the wall fails and becomes the ‘unwall’. This material-based investigation was inspired by the work of James Wines, the founder of SITE. The ‘unwall’ is not only not a wall, but it’s mortarless, or dry-jointed – intriguing, we know! 

The new Move-in showroom was designed and built by a team of our younger graduate architects, with Zahava Elenberg setting the conceptual brief. 

The team worked on the project from concept through to post-construction, approaching the design through an exploration of specific materials and techniques. After designing the ‘unwall’, the team were faced with the problem of producing sufficient construction advice for the builder. So Elenberg Fraser hosted a five-day intensive construction workshop where the team built the wall themselves. This project has (literally) exposed a new direction in masonry.

The Move-in showroom design and construction demonstrates our studio’s role as an incubator for young architects.