Lyons Architects


Cooper & Oxley


Adbri Masonry

Bricks Used:

Building Contractor:

Cooper & Oxley

Photography Credits:

For Levels 1 to 5 internally, Adbri Masonry supplied Euro Honed pavers in a dark, almost black, tone. They also supplied a two-tones stair tread for all the internal and external stairs, coloured in the same dark tone with an additional yellow tone that was honed and shotblasted.

Externally, Adbri Masonry supplied Euro Shotblast pavers for the west stair and external ramp areas in the same dark black tone to match the indoor paved look and feel.

The two-tone stair treads assist people who are partially blind, and also represent another great feature of the building. Adbri also supplied shotblasted tactiles at the top and bottom of these stair areas.